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张蝶 - Zhang Die


Short Bio

Zhang Die (born October 1, 1962), a famous Chinese female singer and pipa performer in the 1980s, formerly known as "Zhang Guoqing", known as the " Disco Queen". Graduated from Tianjin Conservatory of Music . In 1986, she rose to fame with the song " Genghis Khan ".

She won the Silver Award in the National Young Singer Grand Prix, the Gold Award in the "Hope Cup" Young Singer Competition and the title of "China's Top Ten Singers". At the 4th China Brand Festival in 2010 , Zhang Die was awarded the "2010 Chinese Brand Artist Award". Zhang Die is an important figure in the early development of Chinese pop music. She is famous for her cover songs from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Her singing style is rugged and unrestrained. In a few years, Zhang Die has published 12 solo albums with a total circulation of more than 4 million. The albums include "Heaven and Earth", "Mountain and Sea", "Ice and Fire" and so on.


Zhang Die's name is very unfamiliar in the memory of "post-80s", but if you ask "post-70s" or even "post-60s", many people still remember her famous "Genghis Khan". In the mid-1980s, Chinese pop music's most representative figure of "three" - Beijing 's Zhang Qiang, Shanghai 's Zhang Xing and Tianjin Zhang butterfly. After Zhang Die's first album "Ice and Fire" was released, it immediately caused a sensation. For a time, the melody of "Genghis Khan" was echoed everywhere. Later, Zhang Die released albums such as "Heaven and Earth" and "Mountain and Sea". In the early 1990s, Zhang Die withdrew from the music scene, immigrated to Australia, and then moved to Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Although known to the public as a singer, Zhang Die is actually a pipa actor from the Tianjin Conservatory of Music. Because both his parents are in the Yue Opera Troupe, Zhang Die has been intrigued by the way his father plays a musical instrument since he was a child. Ever since she formally learned the pipa at the age of 12, Zhang Die has learned faster than others. She said that this can only be attributed to her predestined relationship with Pipa.