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Uplive is honored to present its fashion show during New York Fashion Week. As a global livestreaming platform, we cannot emphasize the diversities enough, and will introduce people from different backgrounds to shine on the stage, including singers, dancers, influencers, models, and industry leaders. Global influential celebrities such as Maye Musk (mother of Elon Musk) and media will visit and cover this creative show.

We cordially invite you to join us. Download Uplive and Register Now for a chance to win an invitation to the show for you and a plus-one.

DEADLINE TO APPLY REGISTER: 9th of February 2022 11.10pm EST

Requirements for Participants: Open to all participants 18 years and older. We encourage diversity and are looking for participants from different backgrounds such as Model, Dancer, Singer, Make-up Artist, Designer, Fashion Influencer, Stylist, and etc.

Registration Fee: FREE



Rank Up On Uplive


*Go LIVE and collect the 3 types of event gifts above via Uplive to compete in ranking for grand rewards.

  • Go live on Uplive app and collect the Event Gifts to win bonus coins and cash out, and a $25 gift card.

  • Top 3 hosts in ranking with at least 100,000 uCoins collected can win a Fashion Show Invitation for the host AND a plus-one!

  • Top 10 hosts in ranking are rewarded as follows:


  • TOP 1 - 6% of the total uCoins collected via event gifts & Fashion Show Invitation for the host & a plus-one


  • TOP 2 - 3% of the total uCoins collected via event gifts & Fashion Show Invitation for the host & a plus-one


  • TOP 3 - 1% of the total uCoins collected via event gifts & Fashion Show Invitation for the host & a plus-one

*NOTE:The maximum reward limit is 10000U

Uplive Fashion Influencer

  1. Publish a moment on your Uplive personal page.

  2. Add hashtag #UpliveNYFW on your moment.

  3. Ask your fans, friends and family to vote for you.


  • As of 9th of February, Top 1 host with the highest uCoins collected is crowned as the Uplive Fashion Influencer!

  • The Uplive Fashion Influencer will be rewarded in-app exposure and interviewed by the media


Instagram Giveaway

  • Follow on Instagram:

    • @uplive.usa

    • @hekka.official


  • Post Fashion show related photos and videos and tag above 3 accounts, tag 3 friends and add hashtag:

    • #UpliveNYFW

    • #HekkaNYFW

    • #KeppiNYFW

    • #uplivevent

  • DM with your address to win fitness equipment and clothing.


  • Event gifts sent in direct message, short videos and gift walls are not counted towards ranking.

  • Event gifts received by contestants in party rooms are calculated according to the gift' s uCoin value, the bonus ratio received by stream owner will not be counted towards ranking.

  • Contents such as images and videos provided by contestants for this event have agreed to authorization of portrait rights for permanent use on Uplive. Rewards will be forfeited if contestants do not wish to agree.

  • Uplive has the right to suspend or terminate users' account if event rules are violated.

  • Rewards may vary in different regions. Please contact customer service for details.

  • Uplive reserves the final interpretation rights of this event.


Top 10 Featured on the New York Times Square Billboard