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The Story of Uplive Worldstage Top 20 Contestants


Winner of World Stage People’s Choice

Singing is a expression for emotions.

Congratulations, Gege, the winner of Uplive World Stage People’s choice. She was selected by the viewers and judges from all over the world based on the past one and half month live streaming singing performance on Uplive, crowning her the winner of People’s choice.

Gege, who lives in Sydney originally came from south of China.

”I’ve been looking for a bigger stage, Uplive World Stage showed me how easily tap into the big digital stage today. ” , said Gege, winner of People’s choice. “Singing is a way to express my emotions. I want to share my happiness through music, the universal language with my fans from all over the world”


Jae Anne

The top 20 Uplive world stage singer

A breast cancer survivor, persists living in her truth and fight for her spot.

Jae Anne singer talent was first discovered by her father while she was shouting at a cab(tuktuk) when she was young. Her dad brought her over to the river and asked her to screams her lunge out, that is how she received her first singing training and learned her first song” Loving you by Minnie Ripperton” As a breast cancer survivor, she had been through anxiety and depression, she is very proud to stay here, alive and with us on Uplive. She discovered healthy tools and effective coping strategy to help her live through love and light.


Ghost Voice

The top 20 Uplive world stage singer

Put his soul and heart into every performance

Ghost Voice, who pursues singing as his profession out of his true passion. He joined world stage because he want to prove to the music community and the world that there are a lot of singers around the globe do not have the equal opportunity and chance to have their voices heard. He wanted to be an advocate to Artists that Singing Is about the Soul and Heart of the person put in performance other than a pretty face. “I want to be an Inspiration to those that have not gone out of their shell that there are always people looking up to you and are willing to support you.


Lost Voyz

The top 20 Uplive world stage singer

Regaining his voice and beyond in his retuning professional journey.

I retired 8 years ago from professionally singing… I was flying every week and totally forgotten how to sing. Then the Lockdowns came along. Everything stopped. I got lots of time with nothing to do. Then two Musicians, Ace Bennet and Jo-Jo invited me to join Uplive…. I pulled out my Keyboard and my old microphone and I started playing and singing again only to find out that my singing voice was gone…. That’s how the name LOST VOYZ come... Weeks passed and slowly I was regaining not just my voice but my self-confidence. One day I was supporting my Friends in a competition in Uplive World Stage… Boom, that was the game changer for me in my streaming career on Uplive… I was given the opportunity to compete, and became one of the Worldstage Legends. I not only gained my confidence back, but also a lot of New Friends.


Andre Luis

The top 20 Uplive world stage singer

Celebrates his life through music

Inspired by Aprigio Bertoldo, the first Brazilian Legend in this event, competing singers from all over the world, I started participating in the World Stage. After one attempt, hampered by the poor internet, until I went far improvements and on the second attempt, I was in second place, becoming the best placed Brazilian in the competition and I became Legend! I discovered that even though I don't speak English, music is the universal language and brings people together! I still can't believe I'm in the Top 20, the only Brazilian, the only black and the only representative of Latin America! I already consider myself a winner for being among so many talented people! I appreciate the respect and affection I have always received from everyone and I wish you all good luck! Music is my life!



The top 20 Uplive world stage singer

An ex-theater musical actress

Let us meet Rahma Murline Uddin, the 17 years old the youngest singer at Uplive world stage, “I am most great full for my Family especially my Mom who pursued me to join while I almost gave up, before the pandemic happened I used to be a Musical Theatre Actress and a Party Princess (dressing up as a Disney Princess for little kid's Birthdays). While growing up, I used to join singing contests no matter The distance from my home, we sleep at a Bus Station or on a boat during the trip. I joined Uplive 7months ago and I am so great full to be able to join the Top 20 of Uplive Worldstage. I'm a little nervous and terrified of what is going to happen but I will take and enjoy this moment of being in the Top 20 of Uplive Worldstage. ❤️“


Subi Gurl

The top 20 Uplive world stage singer

An entertainer in California

Becoming an entertainer in California can be challenging, so when I got the opportunity to enter the Uplive Worldstage, well, I was honestly nervous. I wasn’t sure if I would fit in.

Attending the mini events, putting in several hours of streaming, meeting the other contestants and having the judges give us guidance has been such a mind blowing experience. I am so honored to be a part of the World Stage Semi Finals!

Khopkhun (Thank you in Thai) to all my wonderful friends, family and viewers for all the love and support. Also, thank you to Uplive and the Judges for this amazing opportunity.



The top 20 Uplive world stage singer

Second time rank in Uplive Worldstage Top 20, finding her place at Uplive

I don't normally join in any real-life or virtual singing competitions, especially one as big as Worldstage. With the great support of my agency and Uplive friends I was convinced to join. Although, I didn't think I would be in the competition long, I thought if I just enjoy myself, it will all be worth it, so I joined my first Worldstage competition in May 2021 and I ended up in Top 10 place.

Now here I am again, in the second Uplive World Stage competition. I was unsure of joining but convinced and supported by my agency and Uplive friends, I joined. Humbly ranked among the Top 20 of the great singers in Uplive competing in Sing For The World. Overall, my journey in Uplive Worldstage has been very enjoyable and unforgettable. I feel so blessed and honored to be part of 2021-2022 Uplive's Sing For The World.


Russ. D

The top 20 Uplive world stage singer

Hear his experience during the Worldstage

This experience has really boosted my confidence in my ability and talent. It has pushed me to do my craft better. I am so grateful to all of the Judges who gave such good constructive feedback. Thank you so much to Uplive for such a unique and awesome opportunity.



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