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Uplive USA participates at KCON LA 2018 with Amber Liu and Justin Park

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

KCON, an annual international Korean culture convention was held in Los Angeles during 10th to 12th of August 2018. With an estimated amount of 95,000 attendees, KCON LA 2018 has been a successful event for fans to support and interact with their idols and K-dramas, as well as for businesses and panels to attract attention.

In order to promote and expand its user base, Uplive US had participated by sponsoring a booth in the event. Known as one of the top monetized live streaming apps within Asia, Uplive has recently entered into the US market. Following its growing presence in the US and Korea, Uplive US is determined to introduce themselves to Kpop fans. Through collaborating with famous Kpop celebrities such as Amber Liu and Justin Park, who has 5 million and 2.7 million followers on Instagram respectively, organizing a KCON booth allows Uplive to set steps toward the Korean wave market.

During KCON LA 2018, Uplive had the pleasure to invite Amber Liu and Justin Park to perform and connect with fans at the Uplive booth, which had gathered and attracted significant amount of people. On August 11th Saturday, Kpop sensation Amber Liu attended a Meet and Greet organized by Uplive, which 75 fans had the opportunity to take photos and receive hugs from her. Amber then performed through the Open Broadcast System (OBS) section and gave word of encouragement to approximately 1,000 fans at the booth. As quoted from Amber, “Just be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you how to be”.

The following day, August 12th Sunday, Justin Park participated in a similar Meet and Greet at the Uplive booth, 50 fans personally received autographs and took photographs with the up and coming R&B artist. To showcase his talent, Justin sang several songs over the Public Address (PA) system, he also advertised Uplive and their social medias, “Catch me on Uplive four times a month, and follow us on Instagram….We have many exciting events to share with you!” Disclosed by Peter Rocks, Justin’s manager, a new single will be released soon and Justin will be promoting and revealing the single on Uplive.

We, Uplive, are proud to announce that the Uplive booth at KCON LA 2018 has been a success. The amount of users have increased significantly, for instance, Amber Liu’s Instagram stories have attracted 10,00+ download clicks, while the Uplive KCON booth has generated 3500 download clicks. The interaction between Amber Liu, Justin Park and fans on Uplive has also been astounding, with over 55,000 viewers on Amber Liu’s first stream at August 10th Friday and more than 2100 fans interacting on Justin Park’s first stream at August 18th Saturday.

To catch up and interact with Amber Liu and Justin Park, follow Uplive’s social media for information regarding their next stream. Download the app at and follow @AmberLiuOfficial to watch Amber Liu’s stream on Uplive. Otherwise, connect with Justin Park by downloading Uplive at and follow @JustinParkOfficial on Uplive.

Amber’s next live stream is scheduled for August 28th at 8pm PST, while Justin will be streaming Saturday, August 24th at 8:00pm PST.

About UpLive:

Launched in May, 2016, Uplive is a live-streaming platform that allows viewers to broadcast and view real-time videos via their smartphones. The platforms unique blockchain protocol allows users the ability to send virtual gifts to content creators, which can then be exchanged for money. Currently available in over 100 countries and with 100,000+ broadcasters and over 60 million downloads worldwide, the app currently supports sixteen languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai. In addition, 25 million virtual gifts have been purchased monthly. Its own cryptocurrency GTO is the fastest selling ICO with daily trading volume of 20M to 200M per day.

Further information can be found at Join and follow Uplive at and


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