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WELL DONE to all the contestants of the Uplive Worldstage 2021 / 2022 “Singing For The World” singing competition and congratulations to the Top 20 who made the cut for the Semi Finals. We would also like to thank the esteemed Judges, our partners and the organizing team for their tremendous dedication and contribution throughout the event.

A. Judge Choice Award Semi Finals & Finals Rescheduled

It is most unfortunate that our key celebrity Judge, Paula Abdul, is unwell due to Covid-19. As we received the news, we have decided to reschedule the Semi Finals & Finals to February (refer to new date arrangements below) as we want to provide the best competition experience to our contestants and viewers.

This decision will allow:-

  1. Celebrity Judge, Paula Abdul, time for recovery and to participate first hand in the shows to engage you, our host and audiences.

  2. More time for contestants to prepare for an even more amazing battle.

  3. More talents to who are unwell of late to participate (refer to section B : Wildcard Round)

[New Date Arrangements]

Top 20 Contestant Showcase

  • Colombia / N.York : 22 Jan, Sat, 9 PM Eastern Time

  • Manila / Beijing : 23 Jan, Sun, 10 AM

  • Sydney : 23 Jan, Sun, 1 PM

**Judge Paula Abdul will be tuning in to watch the performances. Judges Bryan Abrams, Robson Moura, Jonathan Manalo, Willie Baker, Ray De La Garza and Chris Rosa will be present to engage the Top 20 contestants for Live feedback and comments.

Semi Finals

  • Colombia / N.York : 25 Feb, Fri, 9 PM Eastern Time

  • Manila / Beijing : 26 Feb, Sat, 10 AM

  • Sydney : 26 Feb, Sat, 1 PM

Grand Finals

  • Colombia / N.York : 26 Feb, Sat, 9 PM Eastern Time

  • Manila / Beijing : 27 Feb, Sun, 10 AM

  • Sydney : 27 Feb, Sun, 1 PM

B. Viewers Choice Award

No changes to this category. Viewers Choice Award will be still be 100% based on Leaderboard Ranking, where the #1 contestant on the Leaderboard will win this category. Announcements will be made as soon as the Leaderboard for this category closes at :

  • Colombia / N.York : 23 Jan, Sun, 11 PM ET

  • Manila / Beijing : 24 Jan, Mon, 12 PM

  • Sydney : 24 Jan, Mon, 3 PM

C. New Wildcard Round

The competition will now have an additional Wildcard Round to select 10 additional contestants to battle in the Semi Finals. All the related Judge Choice Award competition rules apply with these additional details :-

  1. Current round’s Top 20 contestants will not be affected and are guaranteed participation in the Semi Finals.

  2. 10 additional contestants from Wildcard round will be selected to join the Semi Finals.

  3. There will be a total of 30 contestants competing in the Semi Finals, 15 Finalists and 1 Grand Champion.

  4. The Leaderboard will be reset for the Wildcard Round.

  5. Wildcard Round will start as soon as the current Leaderboard ends at :

    • Colombia / N.York : 23 Feb, Wed, 5 PM Eastern Time

    • Manila / Beijing : 24 Feb, Thu, 9 AM

    • Sydney : 24 Feb, Thu, 12 PM

We encourage those who did not make the cut the first time to strive to get in via this Wildcard Round.


Once again well done to the contestants and we’ll see you in the upcoming shows. Stay participative and up to date with all the announcements by referring the official competition website ( or join the Telegram / FB group.

We are pleased to announce the Top 20 contestants selected based on Leaderboard rank + validated as singers + participation in Worldstage mini events. We wish you all the best in the Semi Finals and Finals!


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