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2021 World Madam Contest

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

The North American Division is about to start!

"A small step for madam, a big step for the world". The North American Division of World Madam Contest in 2021 will be officially launched in August. Uplive, the largest global independent pan-entertainment video social platform, is fortunate to once again partner with World Madam. Contestants from around the globe can compete on Uplive by live streaming from the safety of their own homes.

This year's World Madam Contest · North America is co-organized by Uplive, Hollywood Culture Media Group, European Chinese Academy of Art, US Duraviva Diabetes Foundation, Dragon Eagle TV, Angel Wealth Management LLC, ACTV, Victoria Foundation, Perceptive Visions, UNIPX Meida, RBT Production, SRE Entertainment Production, and Six Degrees of Influence.

This year's World Madam North American Division will be held from August 20th to September 20th on the global live streaming platform, Uplive. All married women over 18 years old can participate. Entry method: Download Uplive from the app store, live stream, and collect contest gifts to earn points. The top 30 contestants will participate in the online finals and compete for prizes worth $5,000. They will also qualify for the global finals.

Through this contest, Uplive hopes to lead more women to participate in charity, help and care more about disadvantaged groups to make society more harmonious and beautiful! Just as the slogan put forward by the World Madam Contest states: "One step for madam, one step for the world", a small step for madam, a big step for the world! The World Madam Contest is a grand event for married women that strives to encourage women to spread health, beauty, love, and strength together.

WORLD MADAM event introduction:

WORLD MADAM global series events were initiated by Anni Huang, Lisa Chen serves as the global executive chairman of these global series events. These events connect married women who are influential in politics, economics, technology, culture, and other fields from all over the world. They aim to highlight the charm of married women and encourage them to learn how to care for themselves while working hard for their family and the next generation via the "Crown Change Lives".

Their goal is to establish more female role models by spreading health, beauty and love, participate in social welfare activities, help the poor and disabled, and work hard to promote the "Families Share Harmony and Happiness Around the Globe".

The WORLD MADAM global event is not judged from limited categories such as appearance, figure, talent, etc., but instead is determined by the multi-dimensional, diverse, inclusive, and social roles of the married women's success and achievement. “The Great Madam for the World, The Great World for the Madam" is the new interpretation of the mission of WORLD MADAM.

Different from other traditional beauty pageants, the selection of Mrs. WORLD MADAM adopts a combination of personal comprehensive pre-selection and on-site selection. The whole event process has three distinctive features:

First, it is international. During the 2020 pandemic, the event received applications from 31 countries. According to statistics, among the 11,000 ladies who signed up for the World Madam Pageant, 195 had won various national competition awards, in which 103 candidates had entered the global finals. It was a truly international event as competitions were held all over the globe and the 2020 global finals and awards ceremony were held in Macau.

Second, it promotes public welfare. Mrs. WORLD MADAM will waive the authorization fees for all its competition locations. This will help the executive chairman of each location to invest limited resources to the organization of the event and encourage married women to carry out charitable activities. After being elected, the madam will also actively participate in public welfare activities, thus effectively implementing the concept of the World Madam's Charity Trip initiated by Mrs. Anni Huang. Public welfare and charity have become the distinguished symbols of WORLD MADAM.

Third, it has universality. WORLD MADAM has not only held competitions, but has also founded the Royal Academy of World Madam and successively co-hosted the grand Bo‘ao Forum for Asia Global Health Conference "Global Healthy Women" sub-forum and Global Healthy Women's Salon. It has also held the United Nations World Peace Concert, "My Hometown in China", the Fifth World Chinese Spring Festival Gala, the 11th United Nations Autism Day Charity Concert, "Singing Europe" 2021 large-scale European Spring Festival Gala, the World Madam Charity Trip, Desert Gobi Challenges and more. These events have enabled the WORLD MADAM to execute the concept of "One Step for Madam, One Step for the World".


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