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Tayler Holder

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Short Bio

Tayler Holder was born on August 19, 1997. He has two siblings: a brother and an adopted sister. Tayler is the youngest in his family. Tayler is from a small town in the south of Texas called Alvarado, Texas. Aside from that, not much is known about his upbringing. He moved to Los Angeles when he was 18 years old to pursue his dreams. 

As of September 2020, Tayler has more than 1.2 million Twitter followers, 5 million Instagram followers, 1.61 million YouTube subscribers, and 15 million TikTok followers. Tayler has been growing his social media following for years. After he moved to Los Angeles at 18 to pursue his dreams, he started to focus on his social media accounts. After joining TikTok, Tayler has quickly grown to millions of followers on the social media platform. He has become known for his good looks, lip sync vides, lifestyle videos and more.

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